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25 DISTURBING Facts About The Salem Witch Trials

Добавлено by Admin В Ужасы 2017
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Get ready to pull out your history books as we bring you the most DISTURBING facts about the Salem Witch Trials. From unbelievable witch swimming tests to the role of Salem smallpox in the trials, this list will bring you every crazy witch trial fact that you never knew existed! If you think it’s all dramatic court rooms and burning at the stake, then you need to see these 25 Disturbing Facts About the Salem Witch Trials!

When you think of the Salem witch trials, you probably think of a bunch of confused villagers who didn’t know any better, but there is so much more to the story. The origins of the Salem witch trials are long and complex, but we do our best to break down the most disturbing information about this task. From the role of Abigail Williams to the invention of witch cakes and the devil’s mark, get ready to learn all you ever wanted to know (and more) about the dark past of the Salem witch trials. Make sure to leave us a comment after you watch this video to tell us what you learned and what video you’d like to see next!

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The Salem witch trials were BRUTAL, but did you know that a big reason for the craziness surrounding the town was the Salem smallpox outbreak shortly before? Abigail Williams and Betty Parris, the two girls at the very center of the trials, made sure to use every trick in the book to accuse others in the town, leading to people not only being tested, but also pressed to death! Did you know this unbelievable witch trial fact: dogs were also major targets of the trials? It’s sad to think that all of the trials and the numerous deaths could have been caused by ergot poisoning, and no one in the town had any idea. Learn all about secret burials, door to door witch hunters, the touch test, the swimming test, and the witchcraft act that made all of this possible. Make sure to watch this video all the way to the end to see which crazy witchcraft fact made our top 10!

Music Credit: Spirit of the Dead by Aakash Gandhi

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