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3 STAR Mars Dota Auto Chess Gods Warrior Warlock Demon Replay Best God Build Mars Warrior Guide Tips

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Dota 2 Auto chess builds and strategies!
I have achieved 4 queens on separate accounts, previously ranked 12th in the world on the leader board next to the candy store!
Latest update 31 March 2019.

This replay will demonstrate our test game with Mars + Early Game Units. It will explain a bit how to make the God race synergy work with warriors and other value units, what units and composition works best with them! Here we are trying different units like Tinker, Timber, LD and see how they can work for us in the early to mid game.

Best Mars + Zeus Guide https://youtu.be/SLMyrDOjbgc
Epic Fun Mars Warriors https://youtu.be/16Jt9hKNJOQ
Unbeatable Mars Mage Zeus Replay https://youtu.be/Y76Hat0hbRo
For more detailed analysis on each unit with in the Tier List, my other guides and spotlights!
Tier List (Will update for Mars and Zeus in few days) https://youtu.be/xxX-RoJ77Lw
Trolls Spotlight https://youtu.be/6uP5Hq5LBEo
Elves Spotlight https://youtu.be/5t0qwEusKh4
1. Mid game survival guide! https://youtu.be/v6ST7Znrnyk
2. Per Cost Tier list (focus on 2 and 3 cost units) https://youtu.be/6Mw45rx2Zz8
For late game decisions and other related guides
1. Late game tips https://youtu.be/zSoIp9wRZxY
2. Top 3 Positioning tips https://youtu.be/OTScGihwpNY

Feel free to say hi on twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/mattjestic_gaming
Follow my Twitter at https://twitter.com/MattjesticG for the latest news on auto chess, new guides, fun challenges and queen ranked replays!

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