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46 Scary Stories! | Cryptids, Ghosts, & Much More!

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46 Scary Stories! | Cryptids, Ghosts, & Much More!

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Scary stories of cryptids.. ghosts.. or even just people up to no good. Stories from the woods, at work, or even at home. Horror is always unpredictable.. unless we're talking about well... pretty much any horror movie ever made. If it's not already obvious I am a huge fan of the genre and scary stories are what this channel is revolved around. Why am I telling you this? I guess I don't really know. Anyways this video contains all of my favorite stories from December. I'm thinking about putting out one of these every month on top of my usual scheduled content. I know a good majority of people like playing long videos during car rides, while their sleeping, or even just using them as background ambiance. So I figured there is no harm in seeing how this goes. Enjoy!

Author's Links. u/ indicates a Reddit handle. That is where you can find them :)

1. u/BigCountryRed1993
2. Slumber IV
3. u/AnAverageDevin
4. u/Toendall
5. u/Hazmatguyobc
6. u/_cavatappi
7. u/BigCountryRed1993
8. u/hsul231
9. u/psychemorrigon
10. u/static89
11. u/TheMad_Ranter
12. Jaylah
13. u/AsDeathBeckons
14. u/The_SpoopyMeister
15. u/Inkjoy
16. u/BigCountryRed1993
17. u/Discord_And_Dine
18. u/Blest_Apollo
19. u/AngelfishFan
20. u/Appa-Ate-Momo
21. u/AnAverageDevin
22. u/FoggyGlassEye
23. Amber
24. u/Odewise
25. u/BigCountryRed1993
26. u/Carsiecat
27. u/Synthetic_Tinsel
28. u/Charles421
29. u/SpikesMountainDew
30. u/AnAverageDevin
31. u/Weeonny
32. u/EdgeLady42069
33. u/Arekide
34. u/MortalKomrade
35. u/Denadamedacro
36. Jameson Curnick
37. u/Witryso
38. u/BigCountryRed1993
39. u/AquaFire95
40. u/OldManOfTheMountain
41. u/Girl_From_The_Crypt
42. Braniac-0
43. U/TwitchyArauz
44. u/iSawYouOnce
45. u/AnAverageDevin
46. u/HeatherMcdonaldd

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Music credits:


#SlumberIV #ScaryStories #Compilation

If you wish to submit a story/stories feel free to send them to rylhstories@gmail.com please be sure to specify if the story is true or not. If you wish to be credited, please also include a link to whatever it is that you would like to promote (and/or) include a name that I can credit the story to.

Music and imagery is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

I have full permission for everything in this video. I CAN provide proof if asked for it. I have permission to use, alter, and profit from this video. Stories have permission from the authors etc.

These are simply scary stories. Works of fiction, and not meant to be taken seriously.


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