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And Then I was French (Watch A Romance Horror Movie, Free In Full Length, English, Thriller Movie)

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Sensitive wallflower Cara exists in her humdrum life until the appearance of charismatic Jay unlocks powerful desires within her. When Jay's beautiful French lover arrives, Cara's journey to self-discovery takes a dark and unexpected turn, with tragic consequences.

Country: UK Runtime: 1h 46min
Genre: Thriller
Director: Claire Leona Apps
Writer: Claire Leona Apps
Stars: Joanna Vanderham, Lewis Rainer, Tom Forbes

Jump into And Then I Was French without knowing what it's about and in places you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a coming-of-age romance. It has all the characteristics of one: the fortuitous meeting between a hunky guy and shy girl, the awkward conversations and the cloistered daydreams. The delightful thing about And Then I Was French is realising it isn't that predictable to decipher, as the filmmakers evade the usual rules of genre and stitch a narrative from elements of Gothic romance, '80s body horror and kitchen-sink drama.

The result feels a little like Frankenstein's Monster, but this approach is often why young filmmakers are so thrilling to watch. And Then I Was French may only be Dog Eared Films' first feature film, but it's already been nominated for a National Film Award and selected to premiere at the East End Film Festival. It's easy to see why. One of the most startling British films to emerge this side of 2016, And Then I Was French evokes pre-Hollywood Andrea Arnold, and is shrouded in the same creeping, female-centric dread that fuelled Roman Polanski's Repulsion.

Our protagonist is Cara, a hospitality management student with a mousy demeanour and shy Scottish lilt. Played by quicksilver young actress Joanna Vanderham, Cara represents the ordinary girl on every street corner, girls too insecure to talk to boys they like and whose default state is to fade into the background. Her quiet little world is punctured by the arrival of American heartthrob Jay, whose soulful baby blues and frenetic presence fans longing in every corner of Cara's university campus. He's a Hollywood siren in a land of lambs.

Written and directed by Claire Leona Apps, the film's finest moments flirt with the common thriller trope of the double. Take the film's first two scenes, which are beautifully juxtaposed. Cara's classroom is presented as a sterile bubble of precision and order, where she dutifully folds towels and arranges vials of massage oil. This scene melts into a party later that night, where a floating Chinese lantern slyly mimics Cara's awakened desire. As her eyes meet Jay's across the green, she is transfixed and cast afloat. Anyone who has fallen in love will recognise this moment; it's as sudden and swift as an icy river or sharp blade.

Yes Great Acting but Whats the Point?

Ok I did watch this to the end but why I'm not sure - I guess because the acting and cinematography was great. Suprisingly witha all that good stuff the story and character arcs were incoherent to me. Also the point was incoherent to me. Maybe I'm just a bit slow but yeah ... what was the point? I know sometimes there really is no point but rather the journey is so interesting but here not. Again well done for the set up but I just don't get it.

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