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BREXIT - 'Bercow, Speaker of the devil': what UK papers say on Theresa May's latest Brexit defeat

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Thursday’s papers have gone after the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, whose decision to allow a vote giving Theresa May three days to present a Brexit “plan B” if her deal is defeated was considered at best “controversial” and at worst a demonstration of “flagrant prejudice”.

The prejudice line came form the Mail, which ran its story under the headline “Out of order!” and called Bercow an “egotistical preening popinjay [who] has shamelessly put his anti-Brexit bias before the national interest – and is a disgrace to his office”.

Similar sentiments from the Express – “You’re so out of order!” – which suggested Bercow was now facing pressure to quit “after ‘disgracefully’ flouting parliamentary rules to help Remainers seize more control over Brexit”. They cited ex-ministers, the former speaker Betty Boothroyd and constitutional experts, whom the paper said were “united in a chorus of anger over the Commons ‘stitch-up’ that led to a government defeat”.

The Guardian’s front page features a striking picture from parliament, with Bercow at the centre, and reports “furious scenes in the House of Commons as the Speaker John Bercow took the controversial decision to allow a vote on the amendment, tabled by the former attorney general Dominic Grieve”. The paper’s headline: “May’s power ebbing away as she suffers another humiliating defeat”.

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