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Destiny 2 - Mara Sov vs. Ghost Scene! Oracle Offering

Добавлено by Admin В американские ужасы
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Destiny 2 - Mara Sov vs. Ghost Scene! Oracle Offering

When you visit the queen this week, Mara Sov is very critical of our ghost. She has been listening how our Ghost has been questioning the Queen's motivations, and this is her response / retaliation. Transcript below:


So, you know how to rule, do you?

You understand the sacrifices I make?

You speak of good queens and absent rulers, Little Light, so you must know these things.

Tell me what I've done wrong.


What should I do, when my every action is in a service that benefits YOU?

You do not know me or the things I do. Do not dare to presume. You have not earned the right.

Get out of my sight.

*Mic drop*

What do you make of this scene!?

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