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DMC 5 Nero’s New Devil Bringer/Breaker

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hey everyone Jojo Wifi here with yet another Devil may Cry 5 video. Now ladies and gentlemen let me tell you I am extremely biased. Not towards Nero but all things melee weapon related. The closer and more personal
the fight I am all about it. Dante with any form of gauntlets i'm all for it but my boy Nero just got himself a new breaker that was revealed on the official Devil May Cry facebook page, i'm not entirely sure why they decided
not to upload it to youtube but that's why i'm here. So to stay up to date on all Devil May Cry related news if you haven't already be sure to Subscribe to the channel. We always got something to talk about for devil may cry 5
and man is this just awesome.

Song is By Casey Edwards featuring Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger : https://youtu.be/8k6GC5NtuAg

???? Discord ???? https://discord.gg/andBQFR

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