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Dota 2 Warlock | 7.22d | Tim Dota 637

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Warlock nerfed, but i did not feel it.
I only really think the nerf will effect the pros because of the rosh and less likely to stack the fatal bonds.

I should have went for the tree spell of turning into a golem vs the AOE heal this game.
Also should have dropped my golems more often. Actually thinking of doing it to farm early game. Not sure if that is good, but going to try it out.

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Team: Good Guys
Tim | 44173145 | Warlock |
105825226 | Lifestealer |
1221593 | Windranger |
87601940 | Templar Assassin |
40132033 | Dark Willow |

Team: Bad Guys
858230606 | Pudge |
434144618 | Kunkka |
438387061 | Ember Spirit |
222056458 | Legion Commander |
164475031 | EarthShaker |

Episode Tim Dota 637

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