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DOUBLE Necrophos Mars Mage! Dota Auto Chess Gods Mage Warlock Fun Build Replay, Best Epic Gods Build

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Dota 2 Auto chess builds and strategies!
I have achieved 4 queens on separate accounts, previously ranked 12th in the world on the leader board next to the candy store!
Latest update 31 March 2019.

Gods Hunters + Veno? Sure lets try it! Deciding 2s Kunkka vs CM, lets think about our choices!, lastly Mars + Zeus + x2 Two Star Neco? 1.25 sec healing lets Go! This replay will demonstrate our test game with Mars and Zeus in a High Bishop Ranked Game.

Best Mars + Zeus Guide https://youtu.be/SLMyrDOjbgc
3 Star Mars + 3 Warlocks https://youtu.be/-yoBCS6dkNQ
Epic Fun Mars Warriors https://youtu.be/16Jt9hKNJOQ
Unbeatable Mars Mage Zeus Replay https://youtu.be/Y76Hat0hbRo
For more detailed analysis on each unit with in the Tier List, my other guides and spotlights!
Tier List (Will update for Mars and Zeus in few days) https://youtu.be/xxX-RoJ77Lw
Trolls Spotlight https://youtu.be/6uP5Hq5LBEo
Elves Spotlight https://youtu.be/5t0qwEusKh4
1. Mid game survival guide! https://youtu.be/v6ST7Znrnyk
2. Per Cost Tier list (focus on 2 and 3 cost units) https://youtu.be/6Mw45rx2Zz8
For late game decisions and other related guides
1. Late game tips https://youtu.be/zSoIp9wRZxY
2. Top 3 Positioning tips https://youtu.be/OTScGihwpNY

Feel free to say hi on twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/mattjestic_gaming
Follow my Twitter at https://twitter.com/MattjesticG for the latest news on auto chess, new guides, fun challenges and queen ranked replays!

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