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Taxidermy's patreon above


1) what 10 items would you pack to bring to a desert island for rest of lifetime and why?

2) what 10 things would you plan to foreage on island and why?

3) 10 Favorite YouTube Livestreamers&why?

4) 10 Favorite Witchcraft YouTubers & why?

5) 10 Favorite Non witchy YouTubers&why?

6) Describe yourself at each stage of life:
Elementary school
Jr. High
High school

7) Are you out and proud with your practice? If so please share your story, if no please share your hopes and plans on the subject.

8) Describe witchcraft/your practice to a muggle in only 1-2 Sentances....Go!

9) Math or Art? Which are you better at?

10) Lets Talk music!
**Are you a musician/singer? If so what do you play?**Favorite instrument?**Top 5 favorite bands/singers & why?**Favorite genres?**Least favorite genres?**songs with lyrics that touch you?

11) How do you personally meet other witches/magicians in real life?

12) Coven or Solitary? Have you ever been in a coven, if so what was your experience? **In your opinion, if the coven is non wiccan does there need to be 4? Could there be 3, or 5, or 13? Why?**In your opinion, Can we practice solitary AND in a coven? Why?

13) What is your current occupation? List all the jobs youve ever had...(were dying to know!)**What is your dream job& why?

14) What does Money mean to you? Please explain in as much detail as possible.

15) Lets Talk TV, Books, & Cinema!!
**10 favorite TV Shows & why?
**10 favorite fiction Books & why?
**10 favorite Movies & why?

16) Explain your thoughts on Doreen Virtue.
Explain your thoughts on Aliester Crowley.
(Please use as much detail as you can)

17) What is your Spirit Animal? (The animal youve always been most drawn to thru life Collected figurines, drew pictures of, saw in dreams/meditation, etc)

18) Do you have pets? **Please list all current animals in detail. **Have you ever cared for an exotic animal? ** What was your very first pet and how old were you? **Do you have any animal phobias?Please explain

19) What is your definition of a witch's firmiliar? Do you have one? If yes please tell the story of how you met said firmiliar in detail. If you dont have a familiar, what animal would you want to come to you?

20) What is your personal dress style? **Do you like to fit in and follow trends...or be the wild and outgoing "trendsetter?" Lets talk about how you have changed over the years!!!
(Wed love to see pics if you have them!!!)
Think back, and USE THREE WORDS to describe yourself during each age ive given:

*How did your mom dress you?
*Age 8 (about the time we dress ourselves)
*Age 12 (puberty...such a confusing time)
*Age 15 (this age, we think we know it all)
*Age 18 (finally an adult)
*Age 21 (a legal drinking adult)
*Age 25 (starting 2get a grasp on Adulthood)
*Age 30 (finally a flippin adult)
(Not all age groups will apply to everyone...in this case you can skip OR guess what youll be like at that age)

21) What Claire do you have the most natural abilities in?
** Clairvoyance
** Clairaudiance
** Clairsentiance
** Claircognasence
(Stargirl the practical witch has great videos explaining each PERFECTLY on YouTube)

Please start on these VRs asap everyone! I cannot wait to get to know you all????????????

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