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Добавлено by Admin В Ужасы 2017
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Спасибо! Поделитесь с друзьями!


Вам не понравилось видео. Спасибо за то что поделились своим мнением!

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1) List 10 items you would bring with you from civilization & why (if you knew you were spending the rest of your life on a desert island.)

2) List 10 things you would plan on foraging and using for your craft from the island

3) List 10 favorite YouTube Livestreamers (witchcraft or muggle) & Tell us why you love them????

4) List Your 10 favorite Witchcraft/Hoodoo YouTube Channels and tell us why you love them.

5) List your favorite non witchy YouTube channels and tell us why you love them.

6) Describe your experience in the following schools:
*Jr High/Middle school

7) Are you out and proud with your practice? If yes please tell us how you made that happen. If no please tell us your plan or thoughts on how you personally will come out as a witch/wizard/magician etc.

8) In one-two sentances, explain our practice to a muggle or a non believer. This has always been so hard for me and im still perfecting the 2 Sentances, lol.

9) Math or Art? Which one are you better at/enjoy more?

10) Lets Talk Music!
*Are you a musician or singer? If yes please give us details. *favorite instrument & why? *5 Favorite bands/singers & why? *Least favorite bands/singers & why?**favorite music genres & why? *least favorite musical genre & why? *is there a song that the lyrics make 1000% sense to you in your life? Please say some lines and tell us why.

11) explain what method/s do you use for connecting with others like us in real life?
( If none, i suggest you check out my video on the topic????)

12) Are you Coven or solitary? *have u ever been a part of a coven? If yes, please tell us your experiences good and not so good. *in your opinion, can a witch be a solitary and in a coven? Explain.**In your opinion, does a coven HAVE TO BE 4 if its a non wiccan group? Can it be 3, 5 or 13? Please explain your opinion.

13) what is your current occupation?
**please list all occupations youve ever had, and how you liked the job.**What is your dream job? Why?

14) What does money mean to you? Please explain in as much detail as possible.

15) Lets Talk Media!!!
**10 favorite TVshows & why?
**10 Favorite Nonfiction books & why?
**10 Favorite movies & why?

16) What are your thoughts on Doreen Virtue?
**What are your thoughts on Aliester Crowley?

17) What is your Spirit Animal? Have you ever owned this animal?????

18) Do you currently have pets? If so please list current pets. *what was your first pet? *Have you ever owned an exotic Animal? If so please tell us all about it.

19) What is your definition of a magickal fimiliar? If youve ever had one...please tell the story of how you found eachother ????????????????????

20) What is your personal Dress Style:
*Do you like to blend in and follow trends, or be wild and adventurous and try to think out of the box and START the trends?
Now were gonna talk about how its changed over the years! This will be fun! Use 3 words to describe your personal dress Style during the following age groups:
**up to age 5...how mum dressed you
**Age 8 ...around the time you began dressing yourself and choosing your own clothes????
**Age 12 (start of puberty)
**Age 15 (when we feel like adults)
**Age 18 (out of moms house & finally free & dirt poor)
**Age 21 (the Bar/Club/Pub years)
**Age 25 (adulthood starts to feel normal)
**Age 30 (......shit, lol)

21) When you were a child did you believe in magick? *At what age did u stop?* At what age did you restart? **Will you teach your children magickal ways if you had/have one? Please explain????????

Thank you so much for participating everyone. Please make sure to use
"#GetToKnowAWitch VR to The Taxidermy Witch" in the title. I cannot wait to watch your videos!!!!!????????????????????????????????????

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