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How Ghost Tree Took Big Wave Surfing By Storm... Then Disappeared | Made In Central California Ep1

Добавлено by Admin В американские ужасы
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In the mid-2000s, as tow surfing was reaching its zenith, a little-known wave on the Central California coast surfaced on the pages of surf magazines. Taken by the bone-white trunks of the gnarled cyprus trees that stitched the nearby cliffs of Pescadero Point, a select cadre of hardy big wave surfers named the wave Ghost Tree. For a few years, it seemed certain that Ghost Tree had sealed its place in the pantheon of legendary big waves, alongside places like Waimea, Mavericks and Jaws. But, as California filmmaker Graham Nash reveals in our latest three-part Made In series, Ghost Tree's fate was far from set in stone.

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