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Little kitty suffers terrible attack by hundreds of worms !

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Little kitty suffers terrible attack by hundreds of worms !
Being eaten alive by worms is not that bad, for an animal that has nine more lives to go... He is only a few months old but that's ok, He will have eight more lives to go!… OF COURSE NOT!
The truth is that cats only have one life. And they live it proudly. The more we consider them the less needy of the domesticated animals, the more proudly they hide their suffering.
When we removed the bandages from Zeus´s wound, we didn't expect to see THAT. We were in shock, because even we, the rescuers, grew up with the stories about how resilient cats are, how strong.
While rotting alive and smelling of death and decay, Zeus surrendered to us, he trusted us to clean him and bathe him and even dry his hair. And the trust of a cat is one of the most valuable things in life. He didn't stop meowing. As if he was asking for help, as is he was thanking us for the care, as if he was trying to tell us "this is my body and it hurts, this is my one and only life, it's in your hands and I'm trusting you with it”
Zeus is in Intensive Care at the country’s best hospital… We need your help to save his life.

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