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STOP Defending Broken Games! - Rant Video

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As video games become more mainstream there is a new group of fans who just LOVE to defend the most broken games released. No matter how bad the dumpster fire these people just buy and love these messes. Lets dig into WHY this is really not helpful!

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#GhostRecon #Ps4 #CallofDuty

So many games released in 2019 have major problems that need to be fixed with patches or DLC but instead of this being a bad thing it is instead accepted as normal. Terrible games of the last few years like fallout 76, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and maybe Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and of course No Man's Sky are getting players used to the idea of Pay Now, Love Later. I dont care how much Destiny 2 has improved, we should be able to look at a project like Ghost Recon Breakpoint AS IT IS NOW and judge the microtransactions for themselves. This is another Dreamcast Guy angry rant and honestly it felt so good to do lol.

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