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Very POWERFUL Kuja Mantra To Remove Fear Of Death || Gold Star Devotional

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Very POWERFUL Kuja Mantra To Remove Fear Of Death || Gold Star Devotional

It is our endeavor to enlighten the common man about the effects of Lord Kuja in our daily life. Lord Kuja belongs to Devaganas. His root mantra is:


Lord Kuja is also known as Angarakudu, Bhoosutudu, Mangaludu and Kumara. Let us know the incarnation of Lord Kuja as He is one of the important planets that rule the earthly world. Angaraka graham (planet) is equaling to Yama. Those who pray sincerely Lord Kuja with utmost devotion will get relief from health and financial problems. The natives have to wear Coral which is liked by Lord Kuja. As per numerology, His number is 9. Number 9 has it own special importance in the day to day life. He bestows lands, immovable property, agriculture, vehicles, Higher Education, Police and adventurous jobs of authority, fuel and electrical etc.,

In deliberate position, he causes fire accidents, Heat boils, piles, surgical operations, Typhoid, viral fever, wars, accidents, delayed marriages will happen and in exalted position, he gives good benefits to the natives.

Kuja Dosha: Karkataka, Simha, Mesha, Vruschika, Dhannus, Meena Lagna natives will not have Kuja dosha. Similarly, Kuja with Chandra, 9 th house having favorable planets, Kuja in 2 nd house or Janma Lagna Kanya or Mesha, or Sani is positioned in 4,9,12 or for ladies, full moon in 2 nd, Budha, Guru or Sukra will not cause Kuja Dosha. According to ancient notes, the stars Aswini, Mrugasira, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Aslesha, Uttara, Swati, Anuradha, Poorvashada, Uttarashada, Sravanam, Uttarabhadra and Revati will not be affected with Kuja Dosha.

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